The Blockchain Solution for the Global Nursing Industry

NurseToken has early adopters with 2,000+ nurses ready to onboard the platform and dozens of agency and hospital clients that will be accessing nurse credentials through the platform. One of these first clients is SnapNurse who already credentials hundreds of nurses per month.

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What is NurseToken?

There’s a worldwide shortage of nurses that’s hit crisis levels. NurseToken tackles this problem head on with a de-centralized credential & payment system that increases nurse portability, enables hospitals to fill much needed positions on-demand, and offers more uniform and universalized payments to nurses worldwide.

  • Proven Track Record

    The NurseToken team has been building key relationships in the medical industry for over 18 years, including relationships with major hospitals and associations eager for NurseToken's release.

  • $1.4M in Pre-Commitments

    Before even completing a whitepaper, NurseToken inspired key crypto influencers, VCs, and major medical industry players, resulting in $1.4M in pre-commitments.

  • Crowdsourced Approach

    The nursing shortage is a global problem that needs a solution like NurseToken. Through a crowdsourced approach, we are quickly building a community and nurturing relationship within the global medical industry.

  • Incredible Potential

    Nurses are the single-largest workforce in the world. Yet the World Health Organization estimates a nursing shortage of over 9m people in 2018, with individual hospitals spending as much as $2m / month in recruiting, training and hiring nurses. NurseToken streamlines this recruiting / hiring process and incentivizes nurses, increasing the flow of new nurses into the workforce.

“There is a shortage of nurses globally and the @NurseToken team is helping change this. ”

Co-Founder and COO — ICO Alert

Our Mission

Our world needs more nurses. An epidemic would show us just how critical this need is. Nurses save lives. The shortage of nurses is killing patients. NurseToken tackles this crisis head on, creating a safer, more cared-for world. Join us, and let's end this crisis together.

The Crisis Explained

The Crisis: Part 1

There aren’t enough nurses. It’s killing patients, and costing hospitals billions worldwide.

“Nurse shortages linked to higher patient mortality.” - A study conducted by Flavia Munn, published in NursingStandard.

Hospitals are doing what they can, but the current solution is clunky, slow, and expensive. Essentially, they’re forced to pay expensive staffing agencies for contractor nurses.

But because these agencies take such a massive cut, hospitals end up paying more, and nurses get paid less.

“Hospitals nationwide... are paying billions of dollars collectively to recruit and retain nurses.” - Reuters, “Short on staff: Nursing crisis strains U.S. hospitals.”

Nursing is already an incredibly grueling job though. This decrease in pay is deterring capable people from becoming nurses. But our world desperately needs nurses. Patients are already dying from the shortage. It’s only a matter of time until an epidemic shows us how critical this issue is.

“I’ve been a nurse 40 years, and the shortage is the worst I’ve ever seen it.”

Ron Moore, Fmr VP & CNO of Charleston Area Medical Center

Reuters, “Short on staff: Nursing crisis
strains U.S. hospitals.”

The Crisis: Part 2

Nurses who are ready and willing are held
back by insane bureaucracy.

Because hospitals do not share information or nurse hiring practices, nurses must get new credentials for each hospital they wish to work at.

But because the process is so arduous, it can take up to 3 months for nurses to gain credentials at hospitals that desperately need their help.

If a nurse then wishes to help another hospital in need, he or she will have to go through the process all over again to work there. There’s a shortage of nurses. And bureaucracy is rubbing salt on this open wound.


Leveraging Blockchain to
Save the Nursing World.

Our 3 powerful blockchain applications solve the most pressing issues in the global nursing shortage. Here's how.

Blockchain application 1

De-Centralize Nurse-Hospital Credentialing - Allowing Any Nurse to Help Any Hospital, Instantly, At Any Time.

Portable, trusted, and instantly-verifiable credentials via blockchain. Here’s how:

  1. With NurseToken, nurses will go through a rigorous credentialing process that any hospital would approve of - with flying colors.
  2. These credentials would then be stored in their own blockchain wallet.
  3. To pick up shifts at a hospital in need - nurses would
    simply show their credentials, and just like that, they’re in.

No more 3-months-long process per hospital. Now, nurses get credentialed once, and can work anywhere, at any time.

Blockchain application 2

Hospitals Use Tokens to “Unlock” a
Nurse’s Blockchain-Guarded Credentials.

As part of the onboarding process for new nurses, hospitals will use NurseToken tokens to unlock and verify new nurses’ credentials.

This, in itself, is a powerful form of built-in distribution for NurseToken.

It also ensures safety, privacy, and fraud-proofing of nurse credentials.

Blockchain application 3

Incentivize nurses, making it a career path more bright people are eager to join.

With NurseToken - hospitals can now incentivize nurses who are the best fits for them. And it increases distribution of NurseToken as well.

For example...

  1. Let’s say Nurse A completes a shift at Hospital A and
    receives rave reviews from patients and other hospital staff.
  2. Hospital A wants to do whatever they can to get Nurse A
    to come back.
  3. NurseToken makes this easy. Hospital A simply sends
    Nurse A a ”bonus” in NurseToken, delivered straight to
    the same blockchain wallet she stores her credentials in.

The result? Nurses receive powerful incentives to pick up more shifts... and these incentives make nursing far more attractive to the current and next generations of our world.

The Medical Community is Ready & Eager for NurseToken’s Launch. In fact, we already have one confirmed early adopter, and are in talks with more.

Early Adopter 1: SnapNurse

SnapNurse is an automated nurse-hospital hiring platform gaining massive traction. Hundreds of nurses apply every week. Hospitals of all calibers, from small, local ones to renowned giants like USPI, are eagerly trying to get on the platform.

SnapNurse has been in talks with hospitals and nurses about NurseToken, and their clientele could not be more eager or willing to adopt NurseToken when it's ready.

One such partner is USPI, United Surgical Partners International, the largest ambulatory service provider in the United States.

In addition, SnapNurse is eager to use NurseToken to take its platform to the next level. NurseToken's de-centralized credentialing and incentivizing of nurses is the exact solution they've been waiting for.

"SnapNurse is half the solution to this global problem. NurseToken is the much-needed other half we've been waiting for." Jeff Richards, Chief Operating Officer, SnapNurse

What do nurses think of this concept? We surveyed them, and here’s what
we found...

Breakdown of responses:

de-centralized credentials

said they wanted universal credentials they could take from hospital to hospital.

cryptocurrency bonuses

said receiving incentives in the form of cryptocurrency (i.e. NurseToken) would increase hospital loyalty and their desire to take on more shifts.

“NurseToken is an amazing answer to a problem that has gone on for too long, and is growing too fast.”

Jeff Richards

Fmr. Director and Chief Anesthetist at Grady Memorial Hospital

The best part: This is just Phase 1 of NurseToken. The future holds so much more promise, in multiple industries, worldwide...

in the healthcare industry
  • Applications in the $364B global home healthcare market.
  • Applications in the $20B telemedicine industry.
  • Applications across thousands of nurse staffing agencies worldwide, similar to SnapNurse mentioned in the "Early Adopters" section above.
  • We see a world where nurses receive the compensation they deserve, for one of the hardest jobs in the medical profession.
  • We see a world where there are enough nurses to easily care for all patients.
beyond the healthcare industry
  • We see a world where credentialing is universal, de-centralized, and leveraging blockchain for new levels of speed, efficiency, and care.
  • We see a world where difficult careers are incentivized, so the world gets the positions filled that it desperately needs, and those who complete this difficult work get paid fairly.

The Visionary Team Leading the Way

  • Cherie kloss

    founder / ceo
    • Founder & CEO of SnapNurse, which has a network of thousands of nurses eager for this crisis to be solved as well as key partnerships with major medical centers including USPI with 150 surgical centers nationwide.

    • 18 years experience in the medical industry as Nurse and Anesthetist. Kloss has built deep medical industry connections she is already leveraging to help bring NurseToken to the global medical community.

    • 10 year career selling, creating and producing leading TV shows with deep network relationships to leverage for promotion.

    • Created NurseToken to streamline nurse credentialing, leveraging blockchain to ease the arduous process of vetting and approvals. SnapNurse will be the first company to utilize this concept.

  • Edwin Marcial

    • Founding CTO of Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), the largest financial markets operator in the world currently valued over 40B and parent company of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

    • #1 on the Trading Technology top 40 Executives on Wall Street in 2014

    • Advisor and investor in several early stage companies including Ionic Security, SwatchPop and

    • Advises & invests in several startups including CaseFleet, Rigor & Ionic Security

    • Teaches disadvantaged young adults how to code to improve their career outcomes as a board member of the non-profit, Year Up

  • Josh Clayton

    Chief Operating Officer
    • Partner with the law firm Clayton, McKay & Bailey.

    • Advisor to early stage technology companies as well as mergers and acquisitions in domestic and international markets.

    • Involved in numerous blockchain & cryptocurrency transactions, assisting in the design and execution of legal and business strategies.

    • Over 10 years of experience in corporate & securities law matters, having represented issuers, investors, and financial institutions in numerous capital raising transactions.

  • Josef Jonas

    Lead Blockchain Engineer
    • 3x Tech Founder and 4x CTO of Fusion 7, a SaaS-based blockchain platform, Solique, Xeru, and Linqware.

    • Worked top tech positions at Microsoft, IBM, JP Morgan, Novartis, and more. At Novartis, Josef led a team of 600 engineers across the globe.

    • As the CTO of FusionSeven, Jonas led the tech team to create a data platform that managed & reconciled payments in the ad industry using blockchain-based reconciliation.

    • In 2014, Jonas founded Xeru, a blockchain solutions company which developed two major platforms for blockchain: a middleware solution that speeds up transactions with blockchain nodes and a smart contract middleware that accepts JSON and has full interoperability with several cryptocurrencies.

    • Started as a hacker, then got recruited by the companies above for his skill and innovation.

  • Dinesh Yadav

    Lead Engineer
    • 15+ years of experience leading UI architecture and development effort for companies such as City National Bank, Fidelity and Wells Fargo.

    • Cofounder of Xeru - responsible for creating UI based smart contract solution targeting IoT blockchain space.

    • Active contributor to many GIT repositories, providing third-party functionalities on angular and react platform.

  • Shane Hvizdzak

    • 3x tech founder & in charge of the tech arm of a multi-billion dollar hedge fund

    • Founder of CureFaster, a $100m+ / year business with relationships with the 2 largest cancer facilities in the world

    • Funded online learning opportunities & hospital operations for nurses in Vietnam & Belize, developing deep connections with foreign nursing groups

    • Founder of Helpified, an online learning management system, used by US Navy & the Department of Defense

  • Todd Elsberg

    • Co-Founder and Managing Partner of 37North Capital with notable, high-growth tech investments such as Lyft & Palantir.

    • Chief Operating Officer of RocketSpace, a leading technology campus that included over 150 corporations from around the world and 15 alumni with valuations over $1B including Uber, Spotify, and Kabam.

    • Ran the post M&A team at Deutsche Post DHL to support the company’s growth from $1.1 billion to $5.7 billion in revenue including 5 acquisitions.

    • Ran strategic business operations at Equinix and helped the company grow to $1.2 billion in revenue including multiple acquisitions in the US, Asia Pacific and Europe.

  • Anitha Vadavatha

    • Former Director of India China America Institute, a non-profit fostering economic growth through entrepreneurship & trade / investment in India, China, and America

    • Founder of Misu Labs, a "growth hacking" firm that drives triple-bottomline impact

    • Global strategist, innovation, and partnerships architect

    • Speaker & specialist on many blockchain panels

    • Published key research on the differences between NEO and Ethereum

    • Named Top Ten Frontier Women in Blockchain by Fifth Element group, in partnership with the UN, Thomson Reuters, and Morning Star.

  • Eric Carlson

    • Online marketer responsible for 3 of the fastest-growing brands in their spaces (Hunt a Killer, Bombtech Golf, Jin+Ja).

    • Founder of 10x Factory, a Slack (chat app) community with over 1000+ entrepreneurs and growing.

    • Has managed over $100m+ in advertising, generating ROI on budgets as large as $4m/mo via internet, radio, & TV.

  • William Derrick Lea

    • North American Director of Islamic Relief USA, a worldwide non-profit that serves disaster areas in over 37 countries.

    • Through his work, Derrick has deep connections to Red Cross & FEMA, regularly plans with them in regards to global mobilization.

    • IR raises over $250M from the U.S. alone for international relief.

  • Sean Pae

    • Founder of Zoon App, a biotech initiative helping men take control of their fertility.

    • Manages private investment funds with blockchain assets.

    • Serial entrepreneur & embryologist specializing in biotech, cryptocurrency, and e-commerce.

Development Roadmap

  • 2018

    Nurse Credentials

    Scope, research, and blockchain
    dev for the NurseToken
    credentialing application
    to de-centralize nurse

  • 2019

    Nurse loyalty
    & incentives

    Scope, research, and blockchain
    dev for the use of NurseToken as
    an “incentive” or “bonus” with
    which hospitals can reward nurses.

  • 2020

    De-Centralized, Borderless Payments

    Scope, research, and blockchain dev for NurseToken to become a de-centralized, borderless payment option for nurses.

  • 2021

    Credential Coin

    Opens up credentialing to other sectors, such as doctors, police, teachers, and more. All holders of NurseToken will then be rewarded with Credential Coin as an airdrop.

Use of Funds

  • 45%
  • Blockchain and
    platform development
  • 30%
  • Marketing, Business Development and nurse community development
  • 20%
  • Operations, executive team, and advisors
  • 5%
  • Legal and accounting

Token Distribution

  • 50%
  • Crowdsale with funds allocated to the company
  • 25%
  • Reserved for ecosystem and platform participants
  • 20%
  • Reserved for management and executive team
  • 5%
  • Early contributors

Token Sale Timeline

  • Token Sale Period
  • September 1, 2018 - October 31, 2018
  • Accepted Form of Payment in Pre-Sales
  • Accepted Form of Payment in Token Sale
  • NEO
  • NUR/NEO Exchange Rate
  • 366 NUR: 1 NEO (as of 5/18/2018)
  • Target Raise Amount (US$)
  • $17,558,330
  • Target Raise Amount (NEO)
  • 300,245 (as of 5/18/2018)
  • Announcement

    March 12

  • Whitepaper Release

    March 12

  • Private Pre-Sale Start

    April 16

  • MVP Completed

    May 15

  • Public Pre-Sale Start

    June 1

  • Crowdsale Start

    September 1

  • Crowdsale End

    October 31

  • Targeted Exchange Trading

    November 15

Let’s end this crisis, together.

Join the revolution that will transform healthcare, and the world.